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How I Read

As a kid reading was so exciting for me. It always presented and world of challenges and imagination. Never knowing where the story would take me or what it would teach me in the end was the best part. Silent reading times in school was one of my favorite times of the day. I wouldContinue reading “How I Read”

Human Question #1

The aspect of my identity that I struggle with the most is my lack of trust. Most of the time I will push people away who have good intentions for me. Through past experiences it is no harder for me to grow accustom to anyone and really open up. I struggle with this because IContinue reading “Human Question #1”

Letter of Recommendation

Matthew Doddo, Principal Newburgh Free Academy, North Campus 301 Robinson Avenue Newburgh, NY 12550 Dear Mr. Doddo: I am pleased to be able to write this recommendation on behalf of Daniel Perez. Daniel has been an exceptional student. Daniel was inducted into the Spanish National Honor Society as-well as the National Honor Society. Daniel HasContinue reading “Letter of Recommendation”

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