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I could not find any real hubris in my personality. On the contrary I do have a major flaw within myself. My major flaw would have to be my inability to let my guard down. My parents have always told me for as long as I can remember to branch out and create new connectionsContinue reading “Hubris”

Where am I?

As this year progresses and I start my exiting process out of high school my goals and my mindset remain the same. My goal is to keep on growing both in my education and also my experience in life. My growth as a person is what is most important to me. I feel that IContinue reading “Where am I?”

How I Read

As a kid reading was so exciting for me. It always presented and world of challenges and imagination. Never knowing where the story would take me or what it would teach me in the end was the best part. Silent reading times in school was one of my favorite times of the day. I wouldContinue reading “How I Read”

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